A trapnest of the swinging-door design: Note the prop stick, made from two dowels joined in an L shape, holding the door in the set position. Note as well two modifications to the basic concept which I made in order to reduce required nest depth, especially important for this wall-mounted unit: I added a strip past the doorway to hold the nesting material deeper in, creating an “empty vestibule” that guides the hen entirely into the capture space before the door releases. I also cut the door in two and hinged it in the middle, reducing by almost half the radius of the door’s swing. Not shown in this picture is the added perch in front of the entrance: Since the door is set to hair-trigger, I don’t want the hen to land with a lot of force in the doorway itself, but to approach more sedately after first landing on the perch. Bits of scrap inner tube stapled to the door’s edges dampen impact of the slamming door.