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Livestock in the Homestead

*Table of Contents for Livestock Section is at bottom of this page.*

The goal of this website is to foster a vision of the homestead or small farm as holistic pattern rather than aggregate of separate parts. It is about the creation of—or more accurately, cooperation with—a synergistic whole greater than the sum of the individual parts. Just as we see such synergies in the interactions of animals and plants in nature, ideally the homestead should be a community of both plant and animal as well. If possible, the homestead should include livestock.

I write a great deal about poultry—you will find lots of material in that section. I have made a small beginning on the family dairy cow. Also included in this section is a little about nurturing the pasture on the homestead, should you be so lucky as to have some. The section concludes with a Guest Article by Michael Rininger, “Getting Started with Beekeeping”.

In the future, I hope to add subsections as well on goats, sheep, rabbits, and pigs. ~Harvey, November 2013

Table of Contents for Livestock Section