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Fungi as Allies in the Homestead and Farm

*Table of Contents for Fungi Section is at bottom of this page.*

When we think of making a more sustainable and productive homestead or farm, we think primarily of working with plants and animals. But don’t forget fungi as potential partners in the enterprise.

This new section opens with three articles: “Fungi in the Homestead and Farm Ecology” sketches the role of fungi in the ecology and what they have to offer as allies, especially for the reclamation of woody wastes that all too often get carted off to our landfills. An increasing number of edible and medicinal species can be grown, as described in “Cultivating Mushrooms”. If you decide to give growing a try, check out “Resources for Working with Fungi”. And best luck: I’ve been growing mushrooms for many years now—it’s great fun.

My thanks to Mark Jones—mushroom mentor, source of spawn and supplies, and friend. Check out all he has to offer at Sharondale Mushroom Farm.

~Harvey, January 29, 2013