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Food Independence

*Table of Contents for Food Independence Section is at bottom of this page.*

In an era of easy prosperity, many of us take food security for granted. Perhaps we shouldn't. This section will explore weaknesses of the industrial food supply, and reasons to make a greater effort to secure our access to food—by producing more in our own backyards, and procuring more from local growers.

In “What Can You Do with Two Acres (or Less)?”, we offer a brief overview of what we have tried to do on a little over two acres during our 25 years at Boxwood. “Our Tastes Are Simple” is a longer sketch of our time and experiences here.

For a much more detailed and extensive overview to our approach, see “The Integrated Homestead”—you could say it is the “flagship” article for the entire site.

Please note: I have decided to keep the previous “flagship” piece on the site, “Achieving Food Independence on the Modern Homestead”, even though in many respects it is superseded by the more extensive and more recent “Integrated Homestead.” ~Harvey, December 26, 2008