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Elsewhere in the (Extended) Homestead

I call this site “The Modern Homestead,” but in truth it focuses disproportionately on issues of raising our own food, an area in which we are more experienced than in some other aspects of the homesteading life. As I have time and opportunity (and perhaps a little help from my friends), I will consider some of those other aspects in this catch-all section.

For example, I met a young man at a historic preservation site last fall who was demonstrating a foot-powered, “spring-pole” lathe of utterly simple but ingenious design. Though made of hand-me-down materials, the lathe was quite efficient, and the craftsman expertly turned chair rung after leg after spindle (starting with chunks of firewood!) as I watched. I’d love to visit and interview him sometime, get some pictures and a fuller description of the lathe’s construction and operation, and share it with you as an example of useful, simpler technologies.

In the meantime, I’ll share with you my responses to a set of questions about the broad spectrum of homesteading issues—choice of tools, water issues, heating with wood, renewable energy, choosing the right piece of land, etc.—which were posed by Mother Earth News to a group representing in various ways the “homesteading movement,” in an online forum.

Table of Contents for This Section

“Responses on Mother Earth News Forum”